It was a success; see you all again next year May 23 - 25

Thank you!


We want to thank all of the artists and the visitors that attended and supported our Spring Art Show. It was a wonderful event.



Lamps and other items intricately designed by Carol Milisen.

Fused Glass


Once again, Anna's fused glass items for the home  were a hit.

Young Artist


Eric Fetsch was let a young  artist help fill in details on the watercolor that he was working on in the Visitor Center.

Original Watercolor


Would you believe that this is a watercolor?  It was painted by Mikayla Moors.

Donation to the FoMSP


This 20” X 24” watercolor is a perfect, architectural rendering of the Park Gazebo. It was painted by Sue Marion. It is for sale and all proceeds will be donated to the Friends. It is hanging in the Visitor Center.  

Art In The Park - Fundraiser

Spring Art Festival - May 25 - 27, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.



  • Anna Carrillo - Fused Glass   
  • Steve Castle -  Watercolors   
  • Dixie Clare -  Giclee Prints   
  • Diane Evergreen -  Jewelry   
  • Eric Fetsch -  Watercolors   
  • Russ Frisinger -  Photography   
  • Aline Joy Goodchild -  Small Watercolors   
  • Sue Marion -  Watercolors   
  • Diane McMicken -  Colored Pencil Drawings
  • Carol Milisen -  Photography + Woodworking   
  • Mikayla Moors -  Photography   
  • Vanessa Rose -  Pencils + Oils
  • Carmen Ramirez -  Watercolors + Oils   
  • Jimmie Sims -  Woodworking   
  • Bill Smith -  Photography   
  • Umeno Smith -  Original Paintings   
  • Mary Taylor -  Watercolors + Batik   
  • Annette Williams -  Photography   

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